Warm words of welcome from our HOD, Pr Bouetou

What would you like to say to the students, concerning back-to-school?

I wish them all welcome, and we would like to rate this school year 2016-2017 as a year of revival and strengthening. This year, we will focus a lot more emphasis on discipline, because an undisciplined system produces bad results. We are already making a lot of efforts towards this, so that our products, wherever they are, can be appreciated. We will later on discuss about the rules and regulations from UY1, which we intend to implement in NASE.

How about those who will be entering your department (GI) for the first time?

For those in the third year, I will repeat that the profession begins in the third year. The subjects which you will be taught this year, can already give you the elements necessary for you to be called a computer scientist, knowing that the last two years, will just be an enforcement of what you already know. A student in 3rd year is capable of acquiring the profession, and it requires a lot of personal work.

For now, that is all I have to say, but we will work together to ensure a smooth academic year.

Post Author: Team Hello World