Life in MSP was an experience which each person has his own impression about. Some say it is “simple” or “stress free”. Others say that it is a “hell hole”. But we can all agree that it is a memorable period of one’s school life.

During my first days of school there was a lot to take in: Learning French, meeting new people alongside other things like pipo lingua franca. I had the mindset: ‘I am one of the smartest people in the country. Polytech won’t be too difficult’. But those thoughts changed as CAs, and eventually exams, approached.

Exam periods kept the adrenaline flowing as some people read all night, every night. Either in other people’s homes, or in the study halls in neighboring schools. Our ‘parrains’ kept us informed about the strategies to defeat most of the subjects (besides cheating) and about always keeping an eye open for various ‘fax’ which may appear on the eve of the exam. Our main aim is really just to validate and get into the next cycle.

But MSP wasn’t totally bad! There are also moments like the V.E (school trip), the MSP Champions’ League, the Polytech Week, and other events like soirees which helped us better know the ‘hidden talents’ that our peers had, other than academic intelligence. One also gets a feel of belonging to a second family. A family of people who have shared and experienced the same struggles, and so would probably understand you better than your real family; A family which will last throughout one’s 5-year stay in Polytech, and beyond.

Life in MSP is not a bed of roses, but is certainly an experience which cannot be forgotten…

Post Author: Team HelloWorld